Dessert Trends for April

April is all about Easter and the first warmer days of Spring! Check out the top items that your guests will love!

Easter Themed Cake Pops

Our rich, homemade cake pops are ready to thaw-and-serve. Let us enrobe, and decorate them to match the theme of your next event. There are endless possibilities!Featured this month are our egg shaped easter themed pops. Also available as Ice Cream Pops!

Macaron Fondants

Add a pop of color to your menu with these gourmet Macarons! They come in assorted flavors of vanilla, chocolate, raspberry, pistachio, coffee, and lemon! Check out our other individual desserts here!

Carrot Cake

Moist cinnamon spice cake baked with shredded carrots, raisins, and cream cheese frosting

Pre-cut, ready to serve, and delight your guests! We offer 30 additional flavors to choose from, click here to see them!


Made in-house, we make popcorn in a wide variety of options for you with your logo on it! Click here to see all of the options and flavors!

Limited Edition Pints

This month we're hand crafting caramel coconut cookie, and candy bar explosion pints! Check out how to create ice cream pints with your logo on it here!

Apple Crumb Cake

Ultra-buttery, ultra moist cake topped with a thick layer of apple filling and streusel. Available as half-sheets, these are excellent for any dessert table or menu. Click here to see more flavors!

Half Dipped Mini Sandwiches

Vanilla ice cream between two amazing mini chocolate chip cookies, half dipped in dark chocolate! Click here to see more options!

Gourmet Mini Cupcakes

Decadent cupcakes by the Cheesecake factory! Assorted flavors of red velvet, chocolate fudge, and vanilla bean. Click here to see more options!

Chocolate Liqueur Cups

Chocolate Liqueur Cups are decadent and fun for alcoholic or non-alcoholic shots!

Simply pour your favorite shot and garnish with chocolate curls! Possibilities include

Bailey's, Kahlua, Disaronno, Sambuca, Mousse Cups, or Chocolate Milk.


Pastel sequins are the hottest trend for spring and Easter! Use them for decoration on desserts and for plating. Jelly Beans are the #1 Easter candy. Offer it as a stand-alone snack at events, as a topping on sundaes, or use it to plate desserts. Colored sanding sugar adds pops of color to your dessert, add it to frosting, shakes, ice cream, and more! Click here to see all of our toppings!

That's all for now, if you need help with your menu, we're here for you!


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