Private Label Popcorn Products

All Star Specialties is proud to introduce our reinvented private label popcorn!

Featuring amazing flavors like Sweet & Salty Kettle, Rich Caramel, and Classic Butter, and different packaging options that your customers will love! The best part, we'll put your logo on each bag.

  • Featuring Your Own Logo

  • Unique Colors and Graphics for each flavor you choose

  • Over 10 Flavors to choose from

  • Low Minimum Orders!


50 Bags Per Order

Each Bag Is One Quart

Each Order Can Be A Different Flavor

6 Week Shelf Life on Cooked Flavors, 3 Weeks on Butter


  1. Pick your Flavors from below

  2. Choose a Clear or Brown Window Bag

  3. Email your logo to

  4. We'll contact you to work out the rest!


Classic Butter

Sweet & Salty Kettle


*Custom Options Available - 150 Bag Minimum*

Sriracha Caramel*

Jalapeno Kettle*

Sea Salt & Black Pepper*

Chocolate Drizzled Caramel*

Colored Popcorn*

Caramel Apple Popcorn*

Rainbow Confetti Popcorn*

Red, White & Blue Popcorn*

More options available!*

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