Top Desserts for Italian Cuisine

We've put together a list of the best desserts for restaurants serving Italian Cuisine. Take a look!

Coco Tartufo

Our double decker Tartufo is filled with rich vanilla and chocolate ice cream, raspberry and almonds in the center, and enrobed in dark chocolate. We recommend cutting it in half as shown and drizzling with raspberry puree for a beautiful presentation.

Manhattan Truffle

This classic is filled with vanilla and chocolate ice cream with a cherry and almond center, enrobed in dark chocolate.

Spumoni Truffle

Featuring four different flavors of ice cream blended perfectly with cherries and almonds in the center, enrobed in chocolate, finished with a green drizzle.


Arguably the most italian dessert there is, we offer all of the ingredients you need to offer fresh filled cannolis to your customers. Dip them in chocolate, or add chocolate chips to the center!

Tiramisu Individuals

A new take on tradition, we layer chocolate and yellow cake between tiramisu mousse and finish it with cocoa powder. A unique look and amazing taste, what could be better?

Italian Cheesecake

We take fresh ricotta cheese and infused it with honey, citrus, and vanilla on top of a sweetened cookie crust. Serve it with a scoop of gelato for a mouth watering presentation!

Lava Cake

Rich chocolate cake topped with a thick fudge layer. Warm it to send fudge melting down the sides and pair it with a scoop of gelato to create a wonderful combination.

Maximo Pino Gelato & Sorbetto

Our ultra premium line of Italian gelato and sorbetto boasts unique, eye-catching presentations that look amazing in any gelato display case. We offer over 20 different flavors in several sizes.

Gelato Cakes

Unique combinations of cake and gelato! Pre-portioned slices make it easy to serve and they’ll easily be the highlight of any meal.

Sorbet Shells

Real fruit shells filled with gourmet sorbet. A fantastic presentation that’s light and sweet! We offer many flavors including lemon,orange, coconut, peach, mango, and pineapple.

Salted Caramel Gelato Tartufos

Rich and creamy vanilla caramel gelato with a salted caramel center. We suggest cutting these in half and drizzling the plate in caramel.

Amaretto Ice Cream Truffle

Amaretto ice cream rolled in almonds and chocolate chips. The amazing amaretto flavor paired with the crunch of almonds and chocolate make this dessert a winner!