Top Items for Viennese Tables

A Viennese table needs to feature a wide variety of desserts, so we’ve put together the perfect list to impress your guests!

Artisanal Cakes

We have over 30 decadent cakes to choose from. All made from the highest quality, there’s something for everyone on the menu.

Brownie Half Sheets

Made from our signature recipe, our brownie half sheets are ultra moist and loaded with flavor. Decorate them, cut them to size, and serve! Ask us for ideas and custom options too like this featured S'mores Brownie!

Brulee Bars

A unique look, these delicious white chocolate cheesecake bars have a raspberry swirl with a hand fired top for a gourmet finish.

Pastry Assortments

All hand-made with a fresh from the bakery look, each piece is flavorful and sure to please

Petite Cheesecake by Juniors

A gourmet 2" cheesecake with endless decorating potential, or amazing on its own.


Baked fresh for you, or bake them on your own, each one is as flavorful as the next.

Mousse cups

Not your everyday mousse, these ultra premium mousse cups are loaded with flavor. These come with spoons and assorted flavors of lemon, chocolate, raspberry, and tiramisu.

Cake Pop

Vanilla, chocolate, or rainbow cookie cake pops enrobed in chocolate. Let us know the theme and colors for your event and we will decorate them for you!

Assorted Bakery Cookies

Gourmet cookies are a signature item for any Viennese table. This assortment comes ready to serve!

Bakery Cookie Trays

Choose from over 10 different types like rainbow cookies, black and whites, linzer tarts, whoopie pies and more!

Fresh Baked cookies

Fresh, warm cookies are things that guests look for! Our pre-portioned cookie dough makes baking super simple. Place them from frozen directly onto a baking sheet and bake them in the oven. Choose from over 15 flavors in a variety of sizes

Make your own Fresh Cannolis

A great dessert for any table, decorate them with chocolate chips or dip in chocolate!

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