Top Passing Desserts for Caterers

We've put together a list of the best passing desserts for caterers. Take a look!

Mini Truffles

A perfect size to eat in just a few bites, these are perfect for passing around. Rich Ice cream enrobed in dark chocolate, choose from vanilla, chocolate, mint chip, black cherry, amaretto nut, or we can customize flavors for you!

Petite Sandwiches

Cute little ice cream sandwiches that bring back childhood memories. Made with premium chocolate chip cookies and creamy vanilla ice cream, these will make your guests delighted!

Mini Ice Cream Pops

Easy to serve yet elegant enough for an upscale affair, we enrobe our handmade pops in a thick chocolate that will leave your guests wanting more! Choose from vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, or we can customize flavors for you!

Gelato Bar Trios

A fun twist that brings back memories, these come assorted in vanilla, chocolate, and pistachio trios. Perfect for guests who want a taste of everything!

Gelato Cone Trios

Mini vanilla, chocolate, and hazelnut gelato cones, each uniquely decorated!

Sorbet Cones

Perfect as an intermezzo or dessert, we include a white paint pallet in every box for you to pass these delicious treats! Our sorbet cones come assorted with raspberry, mango, and lemon sorbet, or we can customize flavors for you!

Custom Cake Pops

Vanilla and chocolate cake pops enrobed in chocolate. Let us know the theme and colors for your event and we will decorate them for you!

Petit Fours Brownie Triangles

Pre-cut, ready to plate and serve. These high quality Brownies come assorted with amazing flavors of marble, lemon, fudge, and caramel apple.

Mousse Cups

Not your everyday mousse, these ultra premium mousse cups are loaded with flavor. These come with spoons and assorted flavors of lemon, chocolate, raspberry, and tiramisu.

Pre-Scooped Sorbet Balls

A unique idea for an intermezzo, refresh your guests and keep them dancing with a taste of fresh sorbet. Choose from any sorbet flavor, we can pre-scoop into petite sizes for you. Place them on your own spoon and serve! Dry Ice brings a visually stunning presentation to your plate!

French Macarons

Add a pop of color to your desserts with these french treats. Assorted flavors of chocolate, raspberry, vanilla, coffee, pistachio, and lemon make these an excellent option for your next high-end event.

Cheesecake Lollypops

Fun to look at, more fun to eat, these creamy and crunchy pops are filled with cheesecake!

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