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Dry Ice

Dry Ice

SKU: 1106
PriceFrom $17.00

We offer blocks of dry ice in a variety of different ways. Use dry ice for freezing products, creating amazing food presentations, shipping solutions, and more!


Available as a Full Block (approximately 1 cubic foot), Half Block, or Quarter Block. Custom sizes or cuts are also available


Why Use Dry Ice?

Dry Ice is frozen CO2, it dissipates into a gas, which means it never leaves a liquid mess like regular ice! Dry ice is 100 degrees below Fahrenheit, while regular ice is around 32 degrees. Most products will spoil or melt if kept on regular ice.


How much Dry Ice do I need?

It all depends on what you're using it for, how long you need it to last, the weather, and many other variables. Give us a call and we can help you find the right amount! We offer free cutting and we'll even help you pack it up too.


How do I store it?

Dry Ice goes on top of any products that you want to keep cold, and we recommend keeping it in a cooler or insulated container that's as air tight as possible so the dry ice lasts longer.


Is Dry Ice safe?

Gloves must be worn when handling the product as it can burn you. It can also be dangerous in an enclosed space such as a car or walk-in freezer as it displaces oxygen. Please ask us for safety advice!

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