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Victor Flores, Executive Chef

Wheatley Hills Golf Club

"One of the things I love most about All Star Specialties is their tailored attention to me. They're always accommodating to whatever menu ideas and changes I have and also very helpful in coming up with new ideas! Their attention to detail is impeccable!"

John Walton, Sous Chef

Rockville Links Club

"We've been using All Star Specialties for a number of years now. All Star has the most knowledgeable sales people and great customer service. From weekly sales calls to great delivery drivers, they really care about making the customer happy. I would highly recommend."

Dawn Taibi

Oakdale Yacht Marina

"I want to thank All Star Specialties on behalf of Oakdale Yacht Marina for their excellent customer service and top quality products. We've done business with similar companies in the past, but All Star blows them out of the water! Looking forward to another year with you and your staff. Thank You!"

Marico Thomas, Founder

Four Star

"Custom, Creative, and Competent. Resourceful, Reliable, and Responsive. Helpful staff, great products, reasonable prices, and convenient access. All Star knocks it out of the park!"

Glaze Bakery

Satisfied Overseas Customer

"All Star offers exceptional service, quality products, and great prices. Whether it’s custom, hand-made products in small batches or commercially-produced products sold by the container, the team at All Star never lets us down. They go above and beyond."

Bruce Teichman

Satisfied Local Customer

"All Star's desserts are to die for. On top of the amazing products, the management is genuine and cares about its customers. Life and business can be difficult at times and it's a pleasure to know that there are companies like All Star out there to help make it easier. I am one of their biggest fans and I am proud to say so publicly."

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